Treks Around Manali

Treks Around Manali

Manali is best known for different adventurous activities. You not only get to experience the beautiful treks but also amazing motor rides, paragliding activists, Jeep safaris. So, if you are planning to trek in this adventurous place, you can find out the number of Manali trekking places you can always choose from.

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So let’s find out the number of trek activities which you can carry out here:

  • Hampta Pass Trek

It is the most highlighted trek in Himachal. The trek helps you experience the green forests to snowcapped mountains. Surely it’s an extraordinary trek that starts from Manali and takes you to Spity Valley through Kullu Valley. So, check out this unexceptional trek and get the most from it.

  • Beas Kund Trek

You can reach a very high altitude in the least time, making Beas Kund an extremely special trek for all adventurous lovers. The place has around four to five peaks surrounding the Bakarthatch Campsite and the most beautiful star gazing nights.

  • Bhirgu Lake Trek

Locals say that Saint Bhirg in ancient times used to sit by the lake for deep meditation. It is also believed that most of the divine Gods had taken a dip in this lake water; hence, it is considered a sacred place. Bhirgu lake also attracts beginners to the advanced trekkers because of its scenic view.

  • Deo Tibba Trek

It starts from Jgatsukh(Manali) and takes several moraines, wild forests, and mountainous climbs. Deo Tibba Base Camp is one of the most picturesque treks in the Himachal region, which gives rise to landscapes ranging from alpine forests, meadows, and high-altitude ChotaChandratal in the vicinity of Mt.DeoTibba. The six-day trek is all about campsites such as Chikka, Sehri, and Taints. It offers the most diverse and beautiful landscape. You can also enjoy snow-capped mountains like Deo Tibba and Indrasan.

  • Sar Pass

The Sar pass trek has beautiful pine trees with enormous greenery all around. Parvati valley is the best place for most of the animals and vegetation too. Also, it can be the best adventure spot for trekkers as well.

The most interesting fact about the trek is that you can select it in summers and the winters. Both seasons have their equal appeal and craze. Plan for this trek at the most cost-effective prices now! Go for various Manali Tour Packages and make your trekking dream come true.

  • Chandrakhani Pass Trek

Are you the admirer of the ridges covered with fog? The Chanrakhani pass trek is something which you would always once want in life.

The trek has extremely high-altitude steep climbs, which are considered the best when carrying an extremely heavy backpack-it’s a tough job. The trek also offers the full adventure with the most eye-pleasing views.

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If you are a travel freak and want to enjoy this famous trek in Manali, you can pack your bags now!