Hidden gems of Manali (less visited place, cafes, area)

Manali Tour Package from Delhi

Manali is known for the best snow-capped mountains, scenic waterfalls, hot water springs, hustle-bustle markets, best cultural heritage, and much more. Adventure sports have enhanced the popularity of the cool and the most peaceful hill station even more.

Manali is best known for every travel freak, but it also has some best places about the Himachal, no less magical. But Manali has many other hidden gems which you might have visited rarely. So, check the Manali Package and get the best tour opportunities here!

So let us check out the top hidden gems and find out how they can be the best for you:

Luckily, they are less crowded as compared to Manali, So let us explore the hidden gems:

  • Patilkuhl

Its the best fairy-tale place you might have always wanted to visit. The lush green grass, snowy ranges, flower-dotted stretches, and the lush green grass. The song seems just out of the world. The place is Patilkuhl which is around 27 minutes’ drive from Manali. It is one of the most offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh and is truly a hidden gem. Wish to visit this ultimate destination with the best Manali Tour Packages? Grab this opportunity now!

  • Malana

This Himalayan village is located in Parvati Valley, Malan, just two and half hours from Manali. It is the best location for the trekkers and consists of amazing wood-carved temples, Jamdagni, and Renuka Devi shrines.

  • Thanedar

It is somewhat 196 kilometers from Manali. The entire time travel occurs between two places which is around three hours 40 minutes. It is an exporter of apples and is home to most of the delicious apples and adventurous orchards. It also has the most amazing mountains in the backdrop. It’s worth watching.

  • Soil

Interesting name! Isn’t it? Soil is too close to Manali, being only 37 minutes close. It is a paradise, and as the locals say, a stream of milk is used to flow by this village in the past.

Reach soil from Manali, which involves driving upto a certain point after which the destination has to be reached out. Stream, tall trees, and clear skies will cleanse your soul of all the stresses!

  • Sajla

It is just 28 minutes from Manali; this village is famous for the cascading waterfall and the Vishnu Temple. Trekking to Sajla from Manali is an outstanding experience, and one can easily locate the route with directions on the rocks. It’s like strolling through the dense forests.

  • Food & Travel Cafe

This awesome cafe is just behind the Manu Temple and is an utmost place. You can easily reach me here. It is present in the outskirts of Manali and is an amazing place. It can be the best one for you to have great food and coffee too!

S are you excited to explore these hidden gems next to Manali? Do you want to come to Manali, but the budget stops you?

Anyways you can go for the Manali Tour Packages and make your dreams come true!