Offbeat Places in Manali

Offbeat Places in Manali

Manali is a heartthrob for many. It has won many Indian as well as foreign tourists’ hearts. Apart from its major tourist attractions, after good exploration, there are many offbeat delights in Manali.

So here are some relatively the most unknown and offbeat places in Manali which can be the best ones to visit. So let us get started. Also, do not worry about the packages; so many Manali Tour Packages provide you in-budget tour.

So let us get started!

  • Rumsu Village

Rumsu Village is an extremely tiny hamlet. It is a picturesque location for luch, along with breathtaking views of the valley. Rumsu is also a charming village consisting of old wooden houses which still worships JamluDevta.

You can also find local shawls here, which are made of traditional handloom called Khaddi. It is extremely recommended offbeat delight very much near to Manali. There is a charming village with old wooden houses which worships JamluDevta. Many Himachal tour packages will give you the best pricing to get hassle-free tour guidance.

  • Goshal

It is an enchanting village of Goshal. The path passes by apple orchards, and mindblowing streams as the sunlight make this view quite mesmerizing.

  • Anjani Mahadev Temple

With the adventure field activities at Solang Valley, there is also a hidden paradise in woods known to few. The Anjani Mahadev Temple is just a few kilometres walk away and is the best place in winter. The temple also organizes Bhandara and is truly an offbeat experience in the touristy region of Solang Valley.

  • A mesmerizing visit to Gaurishankar Temple

The most ancient temple of Shiva called Gaurishankar Temple is quite mesmerizing. You can also make your journey interesting by hearing the most important tales from the local villagers at Vishnu Temple in Silja.

  • The Buddhist culture of Manali

If you involve in a five-minute walk from the tourist mall road, you can explore the Himalayan Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple, which consists of a huge storey statue of Sakyamuni. It also consists of the monastery of Gelugpa, which has a colourful prayer wheel and the aura of calmness that surely might take your breath away.

  • Explore twin villages in Shanag&Buruwa

Imagine you get the chance to watch horse grazing and the sound of flowing water. You can stroll here and explore the traditional villages where you can view the mountainous areas. You can also enjoy the glass of chand (locally made rice beer). Its delicious!

  • Get the natural spa in Vasisht and a hidden waterfall

Just take a dip in the natural hot springs of Vashist in Manali, which will leave you completely energized. The sulphur vapours is known to have a toxin that releases properties that cure many kind of ailments. There are separate enclosures for men and women, so there is always a comfortable situation.

So these are some extremely offbeat and less known tourist places, and you surely must visit! Worried about the budget? Get the most cost-effective Manali Package and make your life sorted and enjoyable!