Travel like a pro in Manali- the Himachal Paradise

Mnali tour package

Has Covid taken toll on your mental health? Is your travel soul trying to fly out in the air? And what is that you seek? The ever time Manali is one of the favorite spots for all the Delhi peeps. If you are too planning for a weekend getaway, take some pro tips from Yatra Samadhan. Manali is the best place to visit for all the nature lovers, honeymooners, and also adventure peeps. Manali claims of all the possible adventures like Beas River for rafting, Solang Valley for skiing and paragliding, and National Parks. Do you know Manali is the best place to take a forest safari and also camp in the permitted places. Also, one can spot a few ancient Hindu temples and Buddhist Monasteries. Honestly, it is a white beauty in the winter and an evergreen Alpine forest in the summer. Get affordable Manali tour packages with Yatra Samadhan today!

Dig into few pro Manali travel tips, maybe they would make your travel much easy.

  1. Manali climate
    The place is situated above 6,730 ft above sea level on the Himalayas. The highest peak here is 19, 683-ft. Due to these various mid to high altitude this place has a versatile climate. One can find the summer season here between April to June. The monsoon season here is between July to November. One can find heavy rainfall in July and August. The winter season here is between December to March. This is the time when one can experience heavy snowfall. It is recommended to avoid rainy season since the roads might get blocked due to landslides and falling of trees.
  2. Manali trip clothing
    Carry a sweater irrespective of the season. There are pretty chances that the day might be warm but the nights will be cold. Carry raincoats and rain boots if you are visiting during the monsoon season. The winters are chilly. Pack a bunch of woolen clothing. The temperature would drop down below freezing point too. The winter list might be a bit long. You must have the following in your bag: woolen sweater, scarf, shawl, and warm jackets. There local clothing might be better to give you relief from the cold.
  3. What kind of food items should you dig in?

Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, food won’t be an issue ever if you are in Manali. Manali is famous for its Himachali Apples. If you are a fan of apples, this place might be heaven for you. Fresh garden apples are just extraordinary here. Find lamb more than chicken in Manali. Go for it in any form, fry, gravy, tandoori, every form is finger licking good. For the vegetarians in the house baked items of flour and vegetable curries might be the deal.

  • Accommodation
    There are wide range of accommodations in Manali. Find for yourself a beautiful place from various options in the place. The love birds who are here for the honeymoon can find amazing hotels with a spectacular view under budget. Also, you can find homestay for yourself too. Whichever place you are booking you must make sure that you receive HVAC, woolen blankets, and a 24-hour water supply. If you won’t be having these you won’t be able to survive the nights.

  • Currency
    One can find ample of ATMs and banks. But if you are visiting here from another country, you must have Indian Rupees for all the transactions to be made. If you are travelling from Delhi, it is advised to change your currency with that of India at the airport itself for convenience. The shops and establishments have credit and debit cards. Use cards and online medium wherever possible because you would be needing cash for the transportation. Carry cash but keep it safely since you never know what is the situation of the mountains.

  • Local transportation in Manali
    The most affordable transport medium is by road through the state government bus. One can find many private travels in Manali. These people provide SUVs to the tourists. Also, for short rides one can find pony and yak. These are the best if you have to climb the terrain.
  • Manali known for adventure
    The pro tip says that book your trip to Manali during the peak season in advance. The reason behind this is that the paragliding timings and the number of parachutes which are available with the sports club are very limited. Therefore, if you don’t want your money to go waste, book your trip to Solang Valley online and reach one hour before the paragliding time. Please note, that you need to seek permission for few trekking trails which are close to the China International Border. Also, one needs permission to trek in high-altitude mountain ranges in Manali.

  • Documents required for travelling in Manali
    Keep more than one identification card handy. All the foreigners must carry their passport with themselves. Report your tour to the local police. Why is this so necessary? Because various mountain adventure sports in Manali need permissions to trek in the valley and passes of Manali. If the foreigner tourists are planning to drive themselves they must carry their driving license with them.

  • Local guide
    If you have pre-booked your entire tour with a travel agent, then you need to cross-check with your travel agent partner whether they are providing you a travel guide or not. It is recommended for foreigners and first-timers to hire one. Be assured if you have booked your tour to Manali with Yatra Samadhan.  There is nothing that you would have to worry about. From the moment your trip begins and the moment it ends Yatra Samadhan is there to take care of all the finest details and get it delivered professionally.

  • Tipping culture
    Tipping culture is seen in the hospitality industry and is considered to be generous to the people who have served you live and eat well. If you are a newbie, then you can tip below INR 100 in restaurants and bars. There is no compulsion for you to pay but depends entirely on you how you want to proceed.

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