Parvati Valley whispering in your ears! Kheer Ganga Trek 2021

Kheer Ganga Trek

Imagine a fancy plate of Maggi or pasta or a bowl of soup and river flowing thunderously. So serene and charismatic. The wow land of hash. Visit the place beside the river. Once you reach the place it will become very difficult for you to prepare yourself mentally to come back to the hustle and bustle of a city life. Travel Agency in Delhi, Yatra Samadhan brings you few travel tips to Parvati Valle for the Kheer Ganga Trek 2021.

What is the best time to visit Kheer Ganga Trek?

Note that trek is not suggested during extreme summer, monsoon or winter. Therefore, the best time to trek is when the place experiences weather transition. One can visit Kheer Ganga Trek from May to June and September to October, this is the time when the temperature is moderate. This is the time when the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. Also, post-monsoon season is safe due to lack of slipperiness.

What are the trekking routes to Kheer Ganga?

Kheer Ganga is around 9-10 kilometers from Barshaini. One can trek in three different ways to Kheer Ganga. Yatra Samadhan brings you the following routes and you can find the route which can suit yourself.

  1. Via Nakthan Village
    Reach Barshaini from where the route to Kheer Ganga is the best and the easiest route. Take the left turn from the bridge which takes you to the Nakthan Village. This route is preferred by many and it is the shortest one. You will take only 3-4 hours to reach Kheer Ganga with your average trekking speed. You will get the thunderous Parvati River on the left side while you are on the trek. That view will keep you engaged and keep you moving. This is the most taken route and you won’t get lost here. You will also meet many trekkers in your path.

  2. Via Kalga Village
    This route is less taken and unlike the proverb that says you should take the road less taken here you should not. This route goes through dense forest and therefore it is advised to take a guide or person who is familiar to this route. Once you reach Barshaini, walk the bridge and take a right turn and reach the most famous Kalga Village. If you are someone who wishes to avoid crowds this might be the track for you. The route joins to the original track after a few kilometers.

  3. Via Tosh Village
    If you are staying in Tosh at night this might be the route for you to opt. It will be easy for you to get up in the morning and start your journey. You will be enjoying the Tosh river view that ultimately meets the Parvati River.

    Reaching Kheer Ganga is not easy but if you plan your itinerary it might be the trip of your life. Get a customized Kheerganga Trek Package from Delhi from Yatra Samadhan, travel guide from Delhi.