Amarnath Yatra Package with Helicopter

Amarnath Yatra with Helicopter- Yatra Samadhan

The pious tour to Amarnath begins in the month of July according to the ‘Shravan mahina’ in Hindu calendar. This is the only time in the whole year when Lord Shiva appears on the earth in the unique form of an ice Lingam. Every year thousands of devotees from all around the world come to visit Lord Shiva here. There is a different level of excitement and passion for this yatra. Also, Amarnath Yatra with Helicopter has a whole different level of beautiful views included.

The Shivalinga made of ice in the cave is about 10-12 feet high. It is considered as a symbol of people’s faith and trust. It is extremely difficult to reach the temple. It is located high in the snow-capped mountains. Rough weather and terrain make it even more difficult but it is the devotion of the visitors that they cross every hurdle and reach their destination.

Amarnath shrine is located in the Himalayan region of South Kashmir. It is about 141 km from Srinagar and is situated at an altitude of 3,888 meters (12,756 feet). There are two routes to reach Amarnath shrine, one is via Pahalgam and the other one is via Baltal. Pahalgam is about 92km from Srinagar and about 93 km from Baltal. Once you reach any of these places, travel further on foot or by horse mule.

If you are planning to take helicopter ride to reach Amarnath make sure that you know certain things. Obtain the medical certificate from the listed doctors from the official website of Amarnath shrine. Your carry list essentials will include sweater, jacket, walking shoes, 2 pairs of socks, woolen cap, gloves, raincoat and medicine. Practice breathing exercises one month prior to journey helps reduce breathlessness due to lack of oxygen.

The scenery from within the helicopter is beautiful. You might have to wait for your turn but the journey is worth the wait.

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